Investors Just Found Out That Pokemon GO Isn't Made By Nintendo - 6 Billion Dollars Gone Already

For the average common user or should I say everyone knows that Niantic is the main company behind Pokemon GO. A game which has been making waves and a ton of cash. How much to be precise? It is expected to make Apple at least $3 Billion in Ad Revenue and Nintendo just became more valuable than Sony.

While all that is fancy stuff, it seems like that after spending a truck load of cash on Nintendo, they finally found out that it was actually another company in which Nintendo only has 1/3rd of the total share. Yes, this is Niantic. This truth is so amazingly groundbreaking that Nintendo's stock plummeted down by a massive 18% percent in one day. Fortunately Tokyo's financial laws prevent it from dropping any further.

Same trend will continue through the day or should I say week in European and American as investors bounce back from this "shock" development. Here is a flow chart to explain who owns what and what not:
Although the average user would be aware that Niantic is actually behind the project, It seems highly untoward that investors are chunking out their money. As of right now, Android Authority reports that about $6 Billion have been lost in a single day as they found out about this. Guess we need a heartwarming speech to calm the nervous market folks. What are your thoughts on this? Seems silly doesn't it for them to realize this now?
Source: Android Authority

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