Forget Selfie Sticks, Hover Camera Is A Portable Drone For Selfie Lovers

Just when you thought that taking selfies couldn't be made any easier, a US-Chinese based startup is working on a drone which simplifies the way you take selfies by giving a more aerial view around you and the environment.

Hover Camera is drone which integrates a 13MP camera which can also shoot 4K video and it is controlled by a smartphone app. It is portable since it is designed using carbon fiber and can be folded. However the downside here is the extremely low battery life, just 8 minutes but that is technically the limitations of portability and such a fluid design.

Here is a video which details about the product:

It has special sensors which automatically detects face patterns and make high quality pictures or videos. It is autonomous and has its own embedded Artificial Intelligence chips.

Which leaves the question for the price? Zero Robotics spoke to TechCrunch and said they are aiming for a $600 sub price tag. But first they are aiming to improve the battery life and then launch in US and China.

You can get more information on Hover Camera on their website.
What are your thoughts about this gadget? 
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