Facebook Q2 2016 Earnings Showcase Massive Growth In Revenues

Facebook has experienced a massive 59% growth in Revenues since last year and it has achieved another milestone: One Billion Active mobile users and counting. Facebook's stock price stands at a record high at $124. Only downside was the user growth percentage at 3.63% compared to 3.77% last year.

Total active monthly users now stand at 1.71 Billion. Majority revenue has come from advertising which stands at $6.2 Billion while the rest $0.2 Billion has come from payments and other fees. Half of this advertising revenue comes from the US, it's a tad more than $3 Billion while second place is occupied by Europe with more than $1.5 Billion revenue, Asia Pacific Revenue stands at $1 Billion.

The average revenue per user stands at $3.8. US and Canadian users have the most average revenue at $14.34 and European users stand at $4.72 while $1.77 per user is the average for an Asia-Pacific user.

This is a great achievement on Facebook's part. They are growing their user base as well as revenue schemes incredibly. We'll analyze Twitter's revenue and bring a report to you soon.

For those interested, here are the Slides for the Q2 Earnings Reports.

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