Brace Yourselves - Prisma Will Support Videos Soon

I hope the person reading hasn't put up Facebook statuses saying, "I don't use Prisma or play Pokemon but I'm still alive" because after adding a bit of artistry to your photos, the app will soon be adding video support as well.

Originally available on the iPhone, Prisma turns your dull(sorry) photos into something that was painted by a modern Leonardo Da Vinci. Well, that's taking it a little too far but the app can spruce up your photos by a fair bit. A lot of people have downloaded it which has made it terribly slow, yet the user base still stands.

The app basically takes a picture and transfers it to its cloud servers, edits it and adds its own flavor and then presents it to you. Basically zero work for your internal memory but a lot of load on their servers which makes the process work at snail's pace.

Alexei Moiseenkov who happens to be the co-founder of the app said that the startup is working on getting out a new feature that will allow users to edit their videos too. But before that they'll tweaking their servers and making the app more swift.

So Ladies and Gents, you better brace yourselves because in the next few weeks, You'll have videos flooding your FB timeline!

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