Apple Music Is Now A Year Old And Has Over 15 Million Subscribers On Board

It's birthday time for Apple Music as the subscription-based music streaming service is now a year old and has amassed over 15 million subscribers during this short period of time. The number 1 spot is currently booked by Spotify which has twice the number of subscribers than on its rival.

Announced at last year's WWDC, Apple Music has taken a lot of artists on board but also had its fair share of criticism notably from Taylor Swift at the start. However, they listened to user feedback and went on to make the app better and better.

If we were to make a rough comparison with Spotify here, it has been available for around 11 years and penetrated into the US around five years ago. Since then it has only double the number of subscribers than Apple Music and I think it's pretty clear that if Spotify doesn't make some drastic move, Apple Music may likely overtake it soon.

A new redesign of Apple Music is also expected to be available as part of iOS 10 which particularly has different arrangement of features and more highlights on Album Art and so on.
What are your thoughts on Apple Music's growth? Do you think it can overtake Spotify? Let us know!
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