Samsung Galaxy S8 To Feature Quad HD Display And Dual Camera Setup Paired With Ginormous 6GB RAM

Samsung's next flagship has entered the spotlight. A new rumour states that the upcoming flagship will feature Quad HD display, the first on any Samsung phone, as well as a Dual Camera Setup which was also rumoured for Samsung Galaxy Note7. Camera details and a little info on the processor being used have also surfaced

Specifications, for now, are still a speculation but we predict that the Dual Camera setup will most likely have an 18MP sensor or higher with a bunch of new features including 1080p 240fps slow motion video recording. They already introduced 4K video recording on Samsung Galaxy S7 I might during MWC and also showcased some video samples with spectacular photography.

The display will be AMOLED with 3840 by 2160 pixels resolution. If the display is around 5.2 inches which is the usual size of Galaxy S phones, expect an extremely sharp and vibrant display of 875 ppi pixel density approximately.

Lastly, it's expected that the upcoming flagship will feature 6GB RAM which will not be surprising. OnePlus 3 is already making waves with its 6GB RAM variant and we expect Samsung to follow suit sooner or later too.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming flagship from Samsung? Which do you look forward to more, the Note7 or Galaxy S8?

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