Apple's Co-founder Steve Wozniak Talks About Artificial Intelligence And Start-ups At Salesforce Developers Conference

Apple's Co-founder and currently Chief Scientist at Primary Data Steve Wozniak talked in depth with Salesforce employees regarding the impact of technology on daily lives and what are the startups of tomorrow.

A passionate developer community works at Salesforce and this Developer Conference dubbed as "TrailheaDX" occured at the start of this month. Recode shared a video on their Facebook channel which highlights some important aspects of the interview and Q/A session:
Here are some parts which I liked:

New Startup Ideas

Ina Fried posed a question to Steve regarding what new startups would progress in today's tech world. On this he emphasised a lot on Artificial Intelligence, Applications and processing related to the human brain as well as brief stress on how Virtual Reality could shape the world.

Technology For Children

One of the Salesforce employees posed a really interesting question regarding the use of technology by children in today's era. Many parents are not willing to give their kids high tech gear for everyday life and there are a lot of restrictions in place regarding their use too. But Steve said that he disagreed with this approach and considered himself to be very open. In fact, Kids should have modern tech such as new laptops for instance while parents should a step back. Let them explore and develop their personality on their own without any restrictions.
What are your thoughts on Steve's views? Which part did you find most interesting?

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