Google Nexus 5's Real Successor Phone Boasts a 85K Plus Score in AnTuTu

Nexus 5 fans, brace yourself. The real successor to the hugely popular budget priced flagship is most likely near and in new benchmark leaks, the level of performance outclasses the likes of Note 4 and Zenfone 2 by a long margin.

As of now we are aware that the next Nexus series will comprise of 2 handsets, one budget priced which is under manufacturing by LG itself and a phablet which will be succeed Nexus 6, is under works by Huawei.

Below is the screenshot of the benchmark:

One downpoint in the results show that the upcoming Nexus will have a 1080 pixels display while the latter flagships have already gone to Quad HD at this time. However, it could provide good battery life for phone as well too. 
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 While Google is tight lipped about the upcoming duo flagships, expect more rumors and leaks to follow soon. Let us know what your thoughts are on this benchmark in the comments below!

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