Super Tank Rumble Requirements



Money is the name of the game for the shadowy multinational corporations that seek to use the disruption and chaos in the world to increase their profits. Your country has become their next target. They started the civil war,  but the brave citizenry has stood up and battled back, organizing their own defensive force for each city against the Grey Round.

Quoted from: Smilegate Megaport Website
Developer: Smilegate Megaport

Recommended Requirements: 

CPUSnapdragon 625 Octa Core 2 GHz or equivalent
GPUAdreno 506 or equivalent
Storage: 100MB
OS: iOS 9/Android 5.0 and up

Please Note:

  • Your phone should have these or equivalent specs to run the app smoothly.
  • Requirements are predicted and could be bound to change as more data becomes available.
  • You are encouraged to express your feedback below. 
  • Please use our resource only as a guideline and if you spot any errors let us know.
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