Samsung Galaxy S3 Specifications and Overview

Successor of Galaxy S2


Powered by a 1.4 GHz Quad Core processor, its performance will be good enough for many applications today but do not expect it to be a heavy multi tasker.

Design and Outlook

Plasticky design makes it feel like a budget phone. Overall build is rigid and well built without any design flaws. The display is 720 pixels is quite well lit and sharp


Battery life of the S3 is quite substantial for many types of work and will last long an entire day for work such as calling, WIFI and gaming.


The camera is 8 megapixels (rear), it can manage to take fairly good quality photos but not as detailed as the flagships of today's era.


This phone was available at a price of about 600-700 USD which was ideal enough for flagships.


S3 was once the flagship phone of Samsung. The phone is quite good, a great companion for everything from gaming to sharpshooting. Though it has gotten old now but it can still manage to pack a punch to many smartphones out regardless of its plasticky design.

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