Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Specifications and Overview

Released in September 2012, This Phone was the successor of the original Note.


The Note is powered by Quad Core 1.6 GHz processor which will deliver fast performance and capable of running anything out there easily but it will not be a big multi-tasker in today's era.

Design and Outlook:

Available in Titanium Grey, Marble White, Martian Pink, Amber Brown and Ruby Wine case colors, the overall feel of the phone is quite good and comfortable as well as the company of S-pen is also a great addition.
It has a 5.5 AMOLED HD screen which offer sharp and detailed experience.


8 megapixel rear camera shows that the phone will take good photos but not as detailed as high end cameras in today's era.

Battery Life:

14 hours talk time is quite sufficient even in today's era which shows the phone will last long in tiring tasks too.


This phone used to retail in a higher pricing point of $800 or so for the 16 GB.


The Note 2 is a great phone, even now it'll be a fairly good companion even if it doesn't have all the features its successors have.

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