IPhone 5s Specifications and Overview

Released in 2013, IPhone 5s was the first phone to feature a 64 bit CPU on a smartphone.


IPhone 5s is powered by 64 bit Dual Core A7 chip along with M7 Co-processor. This was the first of its kind and present only in some smartphones, this Chip delivers groundbreaking performance and outruns most phones. The IPhone's overall working is also swift and fast. You'll never notice any slowdown on this phone.

Design and Outlook

4 inches display and a metal design. Despite having retina display, the IPhone though provides much eye candy but compared to competitors, it is not as detailed and it is also quite small.
Metal design gives it a cool outlook and easy and welcoming to hands but still it would have been better with a bigger screen and Full HD display


This phone features an 8 megapixel camera with improvements in the sensor which allows it to capture more light therefore an improvement over the IPhone 5. Though the camera is exceptional but detail wise it will lost to competitors such as Galaxy S4, S5 etc.


The IPhone 5s offers average battery life(1560 mAh) compared to competitors. It'll just suffice for the day.


The 16 GB model was priced 700 bucks which is okay by today's standards for a flagship phone.


IPhone 5s is a phenomenal phone featuring amazing specifications. It is one of the best available in the market yet and a sure buy for the people who desire awesome power in a small package

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