IPhone 5c Specifications and Overview

Released in 2013 alongside IPhone 5s


IPhone 5c is powered by the same processor that powers IPhone 5. Though the overall operation is indeed swift and fast. But compared to competitors, its performance is average but it'll be able to run everything out there.

Design and Outlook

5c has a plasticky 4 inches design which although is comfortable but doesn't offer the premium feel that you would want to expect from an IPhone. The resolution 640 x 1136 pixels on a 4.0 inches display amounting to a 326 ppi is quite average compared to other phones. Though it will still give out a great experience but not what you would like to expect.


The camera is 8 megapixels which is currently on all IPhones from 4s. It will deliver a great experience but not as detailed as competitors such as S4 etc.

Battery Life

The IPhone 5c has a talktime of 10 hours(3G) which shows that its battery life is average for today's standards.


This phone was initially priced around 600-700 USD which is quite much for "cut-down" remake of a former flagship.


Overall, its a nice phone but for those who have an IPhone 5, this not an upgrade rather a decrement.

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