Steps Microsoft Must Take To Get Its A-Game Back In 2016

Just a few hours back, I covered Microsoft's disappointing Q4 2015 stats in terms of smartphones being sold in the vast mobile market. What are the reasons for these disappointing figures...

Exclusive Interview With Christopher Li: Visionary Behind BriteSide

Previously we informed you about BriteSide, a project which intends to remove negativity off your Facebook's feed. We got in touch with Christopher Li, the developer of this app to get to know more about his app.

GateKeeper Review: Privacy In Your Pocket

People have fingerprint scanners on their computers, strong passwords and some even download Facial Recognition software but why not keep it simple with Gatekeeper?


You got a hand held device or are thinking to purchase one. Ever wonder what factors you should actually consider when buying the phone? Or ever wonder what your phone really equips?


Apple's event this September was met with much fan hype as usual and a little laughter at the announcement of Apple Pencil I might add. The newly announced products include IPhone 6s, 6s Plus, IPad Mini 4, IPad Pro and a new version of Apple TV.

Monday, 9 May 2016

The Founder's Note: The Cryd's Daily Is Now A Year Old!

It's been a fantastic and in a sense hectic Last year as we speak. The Cryd's Daily is now a year old and I think it's about time I shared some stats and interesting stuff with you from our journey this far.
Firstly as we all know, TCD is an independent media publishing website dedicated to provide all the info there is related to Technology. That is related to mobiles, Virtual Reality, Wearables and so forth. Till now we have had a brilliant time covering all this and along the process, I made a lot of acquaintances with the people who make wonders in this area too.
Let's note some interesting facts shall we?
  • Our first ever Interview was with Umezeyi who is the man behind Umz Games
  • On November 23rd, We reviewed our first ever Gadget which is Gatekeeper. The Manufacturers officially contacted us and sent the Device over for which we are thankful. You can read about it here.
  • The average time a user spends on our site is 2 Minutes and our bounce rate is Less than 20%.
  • We currently house the most indepth and easy to understand info regarding your mobile chipset.
Complete Analytics Stats are given below:
With that said, I know we have work a lot in order to keep up with our competitors. This is why I'll be stretching out an editorial plan effective from June with which I'll try and at least increase the content by 2 to 3 folds in order to get more engagement and on our lovely site. The plan is to at least deliver 5 to 6 articles per day and with that Add at least 20 Pages of new content each day so that by the end of the year, The Cryd's Daily will be brimming with content for our readers.
Overtime we have gotten feedback on our work and with that, we tried to adapt according to our users need. Rest assured, your feedback is very valuable so if you have any sort of advice, feel free to drop a note!
I would like to Thank Allah Almighty for his blessings and help. Without him, it wouldn't have been possible to make such a site. Alhamdullilah
I would also like to thank my family for sticking up to me and offering occasional Advice. Especially to Jawad who has been motivating me all along this process to keep going. 
 A special note for the guys at Game Debate who helped polish my skills in content writing as well developing my thirst for more and more knowledge regarding this vast world of Technology. Thank you Guys!
And lastly of course, Thank you the reader who is reading this article right and those who come by every now and then to check out our work. We hope you keep on liking our work and will keep visiting in the future.
Happy Birthday The Cryd's Daily!
Here's to an awesome new Beginning!
A Start of a New Era for our Lovely Site!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

5 Best Ways to Protect Your Smartphone

Smartphones have become an integral part of people’s lives nowadays. It is almost unimaginable to think about going through every day without one of these portable mini ‘computers’. But since these devices make life easier and more practical, they inevitably contain a lot of personal data that has to be kept safe. Luckily, smart thinking as a prevention from any possible theft or data misuse is simple enough for anyone who wants to be responsible with their personal information.
Always lock your phone
When it comes to protecting your phone, first obvious thing to do is to keep it locked. That way, if someone happens to steal it, they will not have immediate access to your data and information and content of your phone in general which will give you time to take other possible safety steps that can be done remotely. When locking the phone, the best possibilities involve using PIN, password or pattern as a security measure. Of course, it is important that you are able to remember how to unlock your phone.
Use a security app
It is very useful to have one app ‘to rule them all’ and keep track of any possible malware that may lurk in the shadows of Internet and Play Store. There are many apps that can provide you with this service so choose the one that you find best and, of course, read the reviews and do your research if you have troubles deciding which one to choose for your phone protection. Even though it can be annoying, keep your cool and allow updates for a security app so that it can fight any unwanted attention your phone might receive through the web.
Read before you accept
Even if you find them in Play Store, not all apps are completely safe. Therefore, always take time to read app permissions. You might have gotten used to ticking ‘Agree with terms and conditions’ without reading them, but this is different. First of all, app permissions can be read in no time and with your critical thinking as well as comments on the particular app, you will be able to see for yourself whether or not some app permissions really make sense compared to the tasks of the actual app. You should also be careful browsing the web on your smartphone browser.
Back up your data
If you are prepared to protect your personal data and information from possible thefts why not create an opportunity to get all the data, files and pictures of sentimental and professional value back to you? This way, even if your phone happens to be stolen, your stress will be a little relieved. You can safely store your back up on a computer or cloud storage, preferably one with option for encrypting data such as pCloud or Mega.
Remote Wipe to the rescue
In order to prepare for the worst case scenario where your phone really gets stolen, remember to enable remote wipe feature. If you know then your phone is gone for good and especially if you have all your data backed up safely, there is no use to spend time lamenting your material loss. With remote wipe software you can access your phone from any computer or device with Internet connection and restore your phone to its factory setting, thus erasing any data and information that could compromise you in any way.
As you can see, taking necessary precautions to protect your Smartphone are not that troublesome to deal with. Therefore, do not wait for unfortunate events to happen in order to start thinking about securing your phone privacy.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

How K4 Note Works With ANTVR Headset To Offer An Immersive Experience?

After the stupendous performance of K3 Note, Lenovo, our favourite smartphone manufacturer, is set to embark up on new heights with its powerful and majestically crafted Vibe K4 Note. The company started this year with a bang and has now promised an ultimate multimedia experience with its all new TheaterMax Technology powered ANTVR Kit.

The ANTVR kit that comes bundled with K4 Note is nothing but another Virtual Reality Headset, just like Google Cardboard and Oculus VR. It works similarly, but when paired with company’s TheaterMax technology, the visual experience goes to a whole new level, and viewers are endowed with a larger cinema-like experience right from their smartphone.

This stuff form Lenovo is not only good but is also tempting for those who prefer watching movies on their smartphones. The entire package costs Rs. 12,999, but the question is, does it really offer full value for money, especially for those on-the-go movie lovers? Let’s see its detailed working and performance to find out!

Working of the ANTVR Kit

As mentioned earlier, the ANTVR Kit bundled with Vibe K4 Note works just like Oculus VR or Google Cardboard. It gives an impressive visual experience when fixed in front of viewer’s eyes, and can be carried comfortably from one place to another. On the inside, the headset sports an aspherical lens, which provides a 100-degree wide-viewing angle for normal as well for those users who wear glasses.

As far as other specs are concerned, the AntVR Kit weighs around 160 grams, and ships in two control modes, one for Bluetooth and the other for earphone controllers. It can accommodate several Lenovo phones with screen-sizes varying from 5 to 6-inches, and promises a thrilling visual trip right from a standard display.

It is, however, important to note that the screen of the smartphone placed inside the headset has to face towards the lens, which will optimize the content for the impressive experience. It can redefine any movie or game played on the 5.5-inch FHD display of K4 Note with subtle perfection.

The Power of TheaterMax

The experience of Virtual Reality is terrific, but in this case, Lenovo’s TheaterMax technology plays a significant role in making it even better. The visual experience from ANTVR kit is complimented with Lenovo’s software and hardware setup. “TheaterMax” enlarges the immersive experience and gives widescreen cinematic visuals with lifelike quality. It’s a new feature in the smartphone world, but from the point of view of gamers and movie-buffs, “big screen experience” is one of the best things to have on a smartphone, especially at an enticing price tag.

Pricing of AntVR Kit

The AntVR Kit comes at an alluring price tag of Rs. 1,299. This is one of the best deals for a VR device, and gets even better if you buy the “K4 Note-AntVR bundle” priced at Rs. 12,499. The standalone price is tempting but buyers can save much more by going with the VR bundle!
Lenovo K4 Note endows one of the best visual experiences with TheaterMax and AntVR, but along with this, there’s a lot more coming-:

1.       Stunning Form-factor with a fingerprint sensor

To take on leading players, Lenovo offers Vibe K4 Note with a fairly built body and a snappy fingerprint sensor. The dual SIM phone features a stunning form-factor and makes a great first-impression with soft-touch matte finish on the back and a metallic frame around the sides. On whole, the phone looks completely unique, and gives a comfortable user-experience with decent thickness and weight just around 158 grams. Even when you pair it with the AntVR, the total will stay just below 300 grams!

2.       Beautiful Full HD display

Even if you take away that VR headset, Lenovo Vibe K4 Note is one of the best multimedia devices in the sub-15k price category. The power-packed device sports a 5.5-inch full HD IPS display, which gives a prolific visual experience from all angles. It delivers a rich viewing experience with punchy colours, perfect viewing angles and fine details. Whether it’s a game or a full HD movie, colours will just burst out of the screen of this handset.

3.       Top-tier innards

Lenovo K4 Note is one of the most affordable smartphones with 3GB of RAM. The power-packed beauty pairs up MediaTek’s MT6753 Octa-core chipset with Mali-T720MP3 GPU, and offers enormous power for seamless work and play. It runs heaviest of the apps and games with perfection, and is definitely an ideal choice for seamless gaming and multi-tasking.

4.       Dolby ATMOS Audio

Lenovo K4 Note includes twin-front facing speakers with Dolby ATMOS, and creates an amazing music experience with prolific audio quality. The speakers featured on the front panel redefine the entire audio-video experience, and allow the user to enjoy large-screen view with an elevated sound field. So, no matter which game, movie, or video you’re playing, the audio experience is sure to be perfect.

5.       Longer Battery Life

Adding more to the package, Lenovo K4 Note compliments multimedia experience with prolific battery life. The phone accommodates a 3,300 mAh battery, and gives sufficient juice for nonstop audio-video playback. It endows 6 hours of screen-on time and is definitely one of the best phones even in terms of power backup. In a nutshell, with or without AntVR, you’ll enough charge on this handset to play movies and music for long hours.

With all these features and a humongous battery life, the Lenovo Vibe K4 Note-AntVR bundle sits perfectly as one of the best multimedia packages on the block. The slick performance and terrific visual experience of Lenovo K4 Note is supported perfectly with the touch Virtual Reality and is just the right buy for gamers and movie-buffs!

However, if you don’t want a cinematic experience at your fingertips, it’ll be better to go with Vibe K4 Note only. The FHD display of the handset stands out in the category, and is definitely a decent buy for standard smartphone users!

Monday, 15 February 2016

Exclusive Interview With The Man Behind WRBLS - Redesigning The Apple Watch

A week back we covered exclusive info regarding a new startup, WRBLS, about to hit Kickstarter with an incredible lineup of Apple Watch bands. The campaign was launched just last and has raised over 15K Euros in a matter of days.
We hit up with Fabian Meissner, the Founder of this startup to know more about WRBLS and his future plans. Read the interview below:
Tell us a bit about yourself and your company. How many people are involved?
I have been working in the sports textiles industry for the past 5 years and studied Business, Economics and Chinese in Germany, China and Turkey. I’m a tech-geek as well as sportsman and as such also really enthusiastic about the Apple Watch. I am using it everyday, but I quickly got bored by the one-colored and patternless bands offered on the market and that’s why I worked hard to get our own collection of sport bands for the Apple Watch on the market. Now I need the support of the crowd to make this thing happen!
Is there any specific reason why you are opting for Kickstarter for your campaign? How has the general response been so far?
Kickstarter is a great platform to reach early adopters and people who are eager to discover new, cool products. I think that’s what our products are about and that’s why I opted for Kickstarter. The general response has been really good so far. People really like our bands and give us some amazing feedback on our social platforms as well as on Kickstarter by supporting us.
Another variant of Apple Watch might be up for grabs this year or next etc. Will you be releasing Bands for it too?
Yes, for sure. We will develop a new collection of sport bands for the Apple Watch. We want people to have a stylish, functional and fairly-priced alternative.
Hopefully the project will get to its Funding goals. After you have given out all the Bands, will you be releasing some more aimed for the Android market. Say for Moto 360, Huawei Watch and so on.
Probably not. We are intending to focus on the Apple Watch and develop great products for this device.
Will you be expanding your line-up if the Project Funding goes above say, 50,000 Euros?
Yes, we are intending to release some new features and other gadgets once our funding goal is reached.
Based on your experience so far, Do users opt for Apple Watch more than Android Wear or is it conversely?
Users for sure opt more for the Apple Watch. As far as I know, Apple has a market share of around 60-70% in the smart watch market.
Finally any advice to freshman entrepreneurs? Do you think they should opt for the Hardware side of Technology or Software one?
I think entrepreneurs should go with what they are passionate about. No matter if its hardware or software. As long as you love what you do and your convinced of your products, that’s all fine!
Well, these are some wise words from the Founder of WRBLS. Thank you for the interview. Hope you guys enjoyed it, Be sure to support them on their Kickstarter Campaign.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Top 3 Headlines This Week In Mobile Technology

It's been a hectic week in terms of mobile and wearable Tech. Rumors and announcements regarding quarterly earnings and new arrivals were particularly on the rise. You should expect more to follow from next week on too.
Following were the news breakers from this week which received the most engagements and reads.

Which news was your favorite this week? Sign off in the comments!

Windows Store Trends - Windows 10 Customer Generate 4.5 Times More Revenue Than A Windows 8 Customer

A trends update on Windows Store Blog shows that the marketplace now has more than 3 Billion visits since Windows 10 launch plus Windows 10 users have fastest growing downloading rates than any previous version.
Some graphs show the in depth study of Windows 10 users interaction with Windows Store. Almost 33% of Windows Store App Downloads are comprised by Games while another 15% comprises of Utilities and Tools etc. Currently the best monetization strategy for Apps is from Microsoft itself with in-app purchases taking second spot. US accounts for 36% of all paid transactions while UK, Germany and France combined have almost 25% share.
Check out Microsoft's blog for more information.

BlackBerry Lays Off 200 Employees As Revenues Keep On Taking Hits

Things are not looking for BlackBerry as the Canadian company continues to suffer major revenue losses. Expect even more layoffs soon.
Even though BlackBerry has entirely switched to the Android Ecosystem, it can't expect to reverse its losses until it comes up with a better pricing range. Clearly the Business market is not generating enough revenue for them, so it's time to attract the general customers. BlackBerry does have a loyal fanbase but it is really small when compared to Samsung and Apple etc.
The recent layoffs come from their own Home country and US. Even though the layoffs seem to have reduced the losses and flopped some analysts predictions, BlackBerry still continues to lose market share.
What are your thoughts on BlackBerry's Revenue Losses? Can they bounce back?

Exquisite Range of Apple Watch Bands Coming To Kickstarter On 10th Feb

For some who may be disappointed by Apple's line-up of Apple Watch bands can breath a sigh of relief because a new start-up intends to bring a new line of Watch bands priced at just $45(39 Euros).
WRBLS is a German Start-up that aims to provide a new line of Apple Watch which are adequately priced plus are designed for all audiences. Ergonomically shaped, available in three different categories for the general audience: Sporty, Business Casual, and Urban Stylers. Take a look at some of their designs below:
Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with the guys at WRBLS.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Rumor: Apple To Release More Apps On Android Soon

Until now there has been only 1 app from Apple in the Android Play Store which is Apple Music and has around 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 installs from the time of release. And now you better keep your eyes peeled because Apple is expected to release more apps into the Android territory.
While all this may seem against Apple's traditions but Tim Cook was quoted to have expressed interest in developing apps for Android in a recent Town Hall event. There is no word on which app they will be bringing.
As always, we could expect to hear more about this in March when Apple will be bring the IPad Air 3 and IPhone 5SE out.


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